Partner Programs

Group Purchasing That Brings Value from Trusted Partners

The largest Group Purchasing Organization in North America, PSIvet provides members with access to an extensive network of partnerships and programs that help them stay competitive. 

Our Practice Consultants assist more than 5,500 independent member practices to navigate their business needs and make purchasing decisions to maximize savings and rebates.

On average, PSIvet saves each of our 5,500 members an estimated $10,000 every year.

Purchasing Power

Your Practice Consultant Helps Pinpoint Value

What’s better than access to high-powered group purchasing? Guided access. We know time is precious, and you need to be able to find answers, products and services for your practice quickly and efficiently. That’s where your PSIvet Practice Consultant gives you the edge: hard-working and insightful, they’re driven to help your veterinary business succeed.

Expertise Committed to Bringing You More

You can trust your Practice Consultant to help you make smart buying decisions. What’s more, PSIvet only qualifies vendors after they meet rigorous evaluative criteria, so that you can rely on us for access to premier-class providers. We are proud to partner with:

Merck Animal Health

PSIvet Marketplace

The PSIvet Marketplace is both a purchasing platform and a community exclusively for PSIvet members. It’s where you can gain key insights into your practice’s purchasing habits, and where you can consider and compare vendors for future buying decisions. It’s where veterinary practices discover more value and benefit through their PSIvet membership.

Savings Is Just Where It Starts

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Dr. Caterina Randilion
Kitties R Friends Clinic
Albuquerque, NM

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When it comes to choosing your purchasing partner, savings always matter. But so do peace-of-mind, personal service and business-building benefits. There’s more where that comes from, too: much more that matters.

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