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2020 PSIvet Virtual Business Symposium

Paving the way to sustained growth and success for independent veterinary practices.

This year’s symposium is open to all PSIvet Members and Non-Members. Reserve your spot today!



September 18-20, 2020

as we cover the most important areas of veterinary business with nine of the brightest in the industry, including:

2020 Symposium Keynote Speaker
IT Expert. Digital Marketer.
Industry Thought Leader.

What makes PSIvet different from other veterinary industry GPOs?

Practice owners will tell you it’s the savings. But they’re also quick to say there’s something more.

It’s the way we look out for them and let them know we care. Our members use words like “champion,” “trust” and “advocate” when they talk about our hands-on, in-person support, our ideas and insight. It’s that kind of feedback that reminds us how important it is to do what’s right for the practices we serve.

PSIvet Launches New Healthcare Initiative

A New Approach to Benefits that Matter More

“Unfortunately a lot of our employees live almost paycheck to paycheck. Out of 90 employees, we have maybe 15-18 that take advantage of our traditional insurance.” – Dr. Axel G. Gray
Healthcare VideoPSIvet Brand Video

The first and largest group purchasing organization in the veterinary industry—plus education, training and technology solutions. What more could you ask for?

More Savings

Buy medications and supplies at deep discounts

With over $1 billion in buying power and over 70 vetted partners, our group purchasing strategies save you more on products and services you and your patients need.

More Support

PSIvet’s industry pros help you compete

Our Area Managers are experts in all aspects of the day to day operations of a practice. With veterinary education and experience, they work with your team proactively, on-site and in-person.

More Insight

Put practice and partner data to work for you

Over 5,000 members nationwide have access to the intelligence they need to grow their business. Members benefit from industry reports and benchmarks.

It adds up to … More Value

Independent veterinary practices get a lot from their partnership with PSIvet, including a sense of confidence in their independence. Optimism for the future. And the ability to focus on what they do best—keeping pets healthy.


For this price, it’s the least expensive employee you’ll ever have.

Purchase goods and services at negotiated prices

Education and Training
Education and training to help you run a better business

Technology Solutions
Benefits from industry reports and benchmarks

PSIvet Advantage
Under one umbrella members receive all the services and support that a practice owner needs to run a successful business

PSIvet Business Symposium 
Access to a one of a kind event that attracts colleagues, industry experts to learn cutting edge business insights

Strategic Growth Alliance
Access to collaborative peer study groups that share best practices

Trusted Advocate
PSIvet is 100% committed to the success of the independent veterinary practice

No sign-up fees, contracts, or cancellation fees—with a no-risk, 90-day money-back guarantee