Frequently Asked Questions

For $2 a day you get access to the first and largest GPO in the industry—and education and technology solutions to make your practice more productive. Plus your Practice Consultant delivers incredible value, working with you to make sure you get the benefit you’re looking for. Our members refer to their PCs as “the most cost-effective employee we’ll ever have,” and that service is all part of the low monthly fee.

PSIvet stands for Professional Services for Independent Veterinarians. We recently changed our name from PSI (Purchasing Services Inc.) to reflect our commitment to offering more. In addition to being the first and largest GPO in the industry, we also offer education and technology solutions. And we provide the on-site, in-person support that helps members be more productive, grow their business and better compete.

Traditional group purchasing organizations limit what they do to just that—providing access to supplies at negotiated rates. Unless they’re the largest (and PSIvet is) their list of suppliers is limited, and their pricing isn’t as low. Other GPOs provide phone-only support, and no additional services that help a practice get stronger.

The benefits of PSIvet members go beyond the ability to purchase supplies at a discount. For just $60 a month you do get access to the first and largest GPO in the industry. You also get access to education and technology solutions that help make you more productive. Plus, a dedicated practice management professional is there for you, at your practice, to make sure you’re getting all the benefit you can. All this is included as part of the fee—and it’s a resource worth thousands.

Take a look at what you’ll get in return. Savings, yes. But what about help making your practice run better? With a free GPO, you don’t get someone who’s there for you, on-site, in person, when you need them to help streamline your processes, train your people and set up your systems. With a purchasing program you don’t pay for you don’t get a support system that helps you go toe-to-toe with corporate practices—and succeed.

With PSIvet, there are no sign-up fees, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. Plus, there’s a no-risk, money-back guarantee. There’s only upside.

We’ve been serving independent veterinary practices since 1998. We were the first group purchasing organization in the industry, and we’re now the largest. Over time we’ve added complementary services that add even more value.

There are four good reasons why it makes sense for independent veterinary practices to consider PSIvet their one-stop shop. It’s more efficient, less expensive, easier, and more effective. PSIvet’s services are aligned. So the little time you have to spend on the business side of your practice is better spent. The costs are far lower. Your staff doesn’t have to coordinate multiple firms. And, because our focus is exclusively on your industry and your market, we’re better able to get the job done.