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They say that the test of a leader is what he or she does in a crisis. You know that caring for your employees is crucial during this time. But how do you determine what that looks like, and what you can actually do?

If your employees are like most of America, they have two big questions right now:

  1. How do I take care of my health right now?
  2. Will I still be employed next week?

For independent veterinary practice owners, these can be tough questions to answer alone.

But PSIvet members have answers, thanks to our collaboration with Vault and ADP. Both partners have worked with us to develop resources and plan options designed to help you and your employees during this time. Here’s how:

PSIvet Employee Health: Care Wherever They Are

As this pandemic has developed, it’s changed how we think about getting healthcare. Even when we feel sick, many of us think twice about going to the doctor now, out of fear that we might be exposed to the coronavirus in a lobby or waiting room. You need a healthcare solution that meets employees where they are — even at a six-foot remove.

That’s why, as part of PSIvet’s ongoing commitment to provide practical healthcare benefits that matter to its members and their employees, we’ve developed the Virtual Basic Health Plan: a new offering that acknowledges the all-too-human response to the danger of in-person treatment.

Using state-of-the-art telemedicine technology, the Virtual Basic Health Plan enables participating employees and their families to receive treatment for many common illnesses without leaving the safety of home, including:

Employees can access healthcare services on the go using the handy PSIvet Employee Benefits mobile app; they can also source their prescriptions through the app and compare prices from different pharmacies.

And should employees require an in-office visit, we offer best-in-class coverage through the Basic Health Plan, which covers 80% of most employee’s needs without requiring exorbitant copays or high deductibles.

As PSIvet members grow, they can take advantage of scale to offer higher levels of coverage:

Both the Virtual Basic Health Plan and the Basic Health Plan can be set up typically within 24 hours – and they go into effect on the first day of the following month. There’s no waiting period! For more details, email or visit:

ADP Partner Program: Get Expert Insights into Federal Assistance

As a PSIvet partner, ADP offers a full suite of hassle-free payroll and HR services to PSIvet members, all at a cost lower than the average monthly cell phone bill. And an increasing number of PSIvet members use ADP for these important back-office functions. But did you know that they have developed an entire website devoted to advising you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It seems like every other week the government is unveiling a new initiative to bolster the economy; it can be difficult for anyone to keep up, let alone understand what new regulations and acts mean for your practice.

Fortunately, ADP anticipated this on behalf of its clients, and now offers guidance specific to the Stimulus acts. ADP continually monitors Federal actions related to COVID-19, and they assess the implications specifically for your business.

You can consult them on everything from deferring Social Security tax payments (which ADP tracks for you) to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to Economic Industry Grants (EIDLs). ADP makes sure that your practice receives the maximum benefit from the available Federal provisions, and helps you keep track along the way. You’ll also find invaluable, timely resources on their site like the ADP Employer Preparedness Toolkit and the Guide to the Paycheck Protection Program.

It’s all part of ADP’s overall goal: to take the guesswork out of HR, payroll and legal compliance, so you can get back to doing what you do best: care for pets and their owners.

For more details, contact Greg Hassan, your dedicated ADP/PSIvet representative, at 512-736-5218 or email:

PSIvet Sets Your Practice Up for Sure Success Amid Uncertain Circumstances

Your employees look to you for guidance, reassurance and stability: even more so right now. Whether it’s taking care of their health or making sure they can put food on the table, your employees need to know you’ve got their back. And at PSIvet, we need you to know that we’ve got yours. We’re committed to finding and offering the best benefits available to independent practice owners. That’s one thing you can always be certain of.