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PSIvet and WunderPet: a natural partnership

At PSIvet, we’re always looking for ways to bring more value to our independent veterinary practice members and our partnership with WunderPet™ is no different. A leading no-THC CBD company that sells exclusively to veterinarians, WunderPet is on your side. As the use of CBD oil continues to evolve within the veterinary industry, WunderPet focuses on supporting and strengthening the reputations that veterinary practices have built. For PSIvet, it’s a natural partnership.

CBD oil is most commonly used with pets experiencing behavioral issues, pain and inflammation, and skin allergies. And as pet owners increasingly look to their veterinarians for guidance, we’re hearing more and more from veterinarians about the benefits of CBD use in pets.

“Not only is it safe for pets,” says Dr. Gary Newman, Vice Chairman of the WunderPet Veterinary Board, “but also—in my experience—more than half of pets respond to it. And when they do, CBD oil can make a dramatically positive difference in their quality of life.”

While there are many different approaches in identifying which treatments work best for specific pets, veterinarians can feel confident in recommending WunderPet CBD products.

WunderPet CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and contains only trace amounts of THC, so there are no psychoactive effects: pet owners don’t have to worry about their pets becoming listless or “high.” WunderPet products are organic, non-GMO, American-grown and processed in FDA-compliant and pharmaceutical grade facilities and are guaranteed 99%+ pure.

PSIvet members get exclusive benefits and savings

Right now our partnership offers PSIvet members a unique opportunity to expand their existing product offerings to include CBD products. WunderPet doesn’t sell to consumers; they only sell directly to veterinarians. So you won’t be competing with large chain stores or online retailers.

It’s not just good for pets, it’s good for your practice. Average veterinary practice sales of WunderPet are $40,250 on average–providing more than $17,000 in potential profit. And right now, WunderPet is offering PSIvet members 20% off all products on first orders — AND — if you buy 2 of everything, you’ll receive a free display and free shipping*. Please note that if you choose the free display, due to these unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to ship the free acrylic display until 2021.

In lieu of the free display and 20% off your first order promotion, we are excited to offer an alternative promotion! Get a free Apple iPad that we will ship to you at the address of your choosing, new and in the box, as soon as payment is received for your display quantity order.

Please understand you get to choose one or the other (not both), and we just ask you to note which one in the comments sections of your order when you order on our website.

If you’re interested in learning more, we recently hosted a webinar where our PSIvet team addressed member questions. We take a deep dive into CBD for veterinary use–including its safety, testimonials from fellow veterinarians and how independent veterinary practices fit into the market. Click here to watch the webinar or reach out to your PSIvet area manager for more information.

*Talk to your PSIvet Area Manager for offer terms and conditions.

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