Business Solutions

Business Solutions

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Growing your independent veterinary practice can be a tall order. To get the best people for your team, you have to offer opportunities for development, competitive pay, a positive culture, and benefits that enable your employees to live in health and financial security.

Programs and Services Designed to Help Veterinarians Run a Better Business

PSIvet’s commitment to independent veterinary success includes offering essential programs and services all businesses need to grow. As a PSIvet member, you’ll have access to benefits that help you attract and retain top talent, whatever the size of your practice.

Retirement plans that can grow with your practice

Health Benefits that are customizable to fit any practice

Workman's compensation and liability services

Financial planning and bookkeeping

Lending and credit card processing

Retirement Plans as Flexible as Your Practice

Get a retirement plan that can be customized and work for your practice now and can grow as your business does. With a wide range of products and services through Principal®, you can save valuable time, reduce your risk, and rely on experienced professionals that can include plan administration and investment management.
These solutions for 401(k) plans, SIMPLE IRAs, and pooled employer plans (PEPs) could be an excellent option for you—and can help your employees see a better retirement.

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Healthcare Plans that Benefit your Employees

Discover affordable alternatives to typical major medical health plans, including preventative care, Telehealth and discounts on drugs and medical supplies. Additional care and benefit options can be tailored to practice needs, all the way up to full-service healthcare at competitive pricing.

Basic Health Plan

A non-insurance alternative that eliminates claims while providing convenient and affordable access to medical care.

Basic Health Plan Plus

A solution for any budget that includes in/out patient and emergency care. Control plan cost by applying limits on benefits.

Major Medical

A unique answer for employers trying to save money on the cost of group health insurance. Benefits your entire practice.

Financial Services for your Future

Create, preserve and protect your financial future with North Star. Like PSIvet, North Star believes in partnering with you for the sake of long-term benefits. Their financial advisors help you insure against adversity, invest in opportunities, and plan for both.

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Business Resource

The PSIvet Insider newsletter is a monthly publication that delivers business tips around key topics that matter most to veterinary practice owners and their teams—from practice profitability to financial planning to retaining top employees.

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